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Last Worked: 08/03/13 (14 Success) enrollment fee wavied *Comment: *Name: There are no comments yet.
Not sure if this is for new accounts only.
Just worked for NYC region (Aug 2017) *Comment: *Name: Worked for me in NJ, 50 off second membership.
Lorie 5/2/16 Must be for new memberships, did not work for me in NC with membership black survivor contestants renewal.
Lfw 11/2/16 didn't work Ivo 10/26/16 Worked.Linda 5/2/16 Worked today 5/2/16.Last Worked: 12/10/17 (29 Success).Last Worked: 10/27/17 (100 Success).Last Worked: 03/24/13 (17 Success) 10 *Comment: *Name: There are no comments yet.08/15/15 by Rob no enrollment fee plus I received the plus level for 12 mos.Savvy Shopper 9/19/16 Worked in Ft Bragg, NC Glake 9/10/16 Code worked for SC Marquita 9/5/16 Worked for me in SC on 9/5/16!Last Worked: 05/31/13 (17 Success) Enrollment fee is waived *Comment: *Name: There are no comments yet.Last Worked: 12/20/16 (18 Success).00 dining card free *Comment: *Name: There are no comments yet.SomeDude 5/28/16 Did not work in OH Gail 5/28/16 radio worked in SC 5/28/16.Last Worked: 12/20/16 (17 Success) 2 free memberships, one time enrollment fee.00 *Comment: *Name: it worked!Last Worked: 08/19/17 (18 Success) 35 discount *Comment: *Name: There are no comments yet.

Last Worked: 08/14/17 (100 Success).
More Details 23Hoyt (Save 10 save 10 on food and non-alcoholic beverages.
04/15/15 by debi did not work 04/18/15 by nancy Thanks!Last Worked: 01/28/17 (17 Success) Fee waived in California *Comment: *Name: There are no comments yet.Debra 10/29/17, worked for NC, bill 10/11/17, does not work in AZ, jenna 9/8/17.Offer excludes other game nights.Price would have been.02/03/16 by Bill does not work in Suffolk County, NY 02/26/16 by Diana Sclafani This one worked for me in Indiana.Joseph 2/15/16 Didn't work.