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You should have you chimney and fireplace checked at least once a year depending on what type of wood you have burned during the year.
You have a problem called negative pressure coming into your home caused by a wind downdraft from various directions, Sometimes trees too close to the fireplace can cause this to happen, or if you live next to a canyon, but it is mostly the wind.
To stop this you would need to have a wind turning cap or a top sealing damper installed at the top of the chimney to stop this from happening.Could scarcely cry weep!Usually the problem is caused by the crown that is allowing water to leak down through into the fireplace floor.The best way to prevent water from seeping into your wood or masonry chimney is to install a chimney rain pan shroud.I can hear the wind in my chimney and cold air comes into my living room.The soot they collected was sold to farmers for fertilizer.Chimney sweeps for Whitstable, Herne Bay, Canterbury, Faversham and surrounding areas.Because of the lack of proper tools, and because the flues of the time were often about seven inches wide, using children was a necessity.They were often sickly, rarely bathed, and learned to beg handouts of food and clothing from their customers as all the money they earned went to their masters.

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As time goes on, this buildup can begin to block the flue opening, causing a number of problems from chimney drafting issues to a smelly fireplace and potentially even a chimney fire.When it rains, I have water that I can see inside of my fireplace floor.You do not need to call a roofer to fix this problem.Atlanta GA residents have been recommending us apple giveaway fake to their neighbors, friends, and families for years, and its not hard to see why.A dirty chimney is not only a safety hazard, but it also keeps your chimney from working effectively and efficiently.Whether you need a simple chimney crown seal or an entire chimney crown rebuild, our chimney techs are highly trained and qualified to deliver the best results.Please take a moment and browse our online store, and thank you for visiting!Your local chimney sweep can fix this problem for you.Chimney Masonry Repairs Performed by Certified Atlanta Chimney Technicians.Often the soot would be dumped out of one of these bags and that same bag would then be used as a blanket at night.