another word for discount rate

So "10 off" sweetwater contest winners refers to the rate of discount.
Summary: Stores often sell goods for a amazon gift card to best buy discounted price.
Mortgage rates have been in a holding pattern for the fourth quarter, remaining within a 10 basis point range since October.So using mental math, you would get that one-half.00.50.What is the sale price of the DVD?Example 5: In sweeping log burner a video store, a DVD that sells for 15 is marked, "10 off." What is the sale price of the DVD?What is the 'Discount Yield discount yield is a measure of a bond's rate of return to an investor, stated as a percentage, and discount yield is used to calculate the yield on municipal notes, commercial paper and treasury bills sold at a discount.Problem: In a video store, a DVD that sells for 15 is marked, "10 off".In this problem, an item that originally costs 15 is being discounted.Example 1: In a department store, a 40 dress is marked, "Save." What is the discount?If, for example, the 1,000 corporate bond purchased for 920 is sold for 1,100 five years after the purchase date, the investor has a gain on the sale.

Average commitment rates should be reported along with average fees and points to reflect the total upfront cost of obtaining the mortgage.
Although the Economic Housing Research group attempts to provide reliable, useful information, it does not guarantee that the information is accurate, current or suitable for any particular purpose.
Mortgage rates held relatively flat across the board, with the 30-year fixed mortgage rate inching down 1 basis point.93 percent in this weeks survey.
The Differences Between Discount Yield and Accretion.What is the sale price of the case of soda?For each exercise below, click once in the answer BOX, type in your answer and then click enter.How To Calculate Discount Yield, assume, for example, that an investor purchases a 10,000 Treasury bill at a 300 discount from par value (a price of 9,700 and that the security matures in 120 days.Assume, for example, that an investor purchases a 1,000 corporate bond for 920, and the bond matures in 10 years.What is the sale price of the cheese pizza?Since the investor receives 1,000 at maturity, the 80 discount is bond income to the owner, along with the interest earned on the bond.