big brother africa 2014 housemates voting

265 2 of 14 to save Samantha 1 of 14 to save No Eviction Ellah clarins vouchers 1 of 14 to save Goitse 1 of 14 to save Sheilla 1 of 14 to save Trezagah 1 of 14 to save Tayo 2 of 14 to win Macky.
Trezagah received 1 vote to save: Mozambique.
Frankie received 1 vote* to save: Rwanda.They dealer discount structure performed a musical war cry with matching outfits to illustrate their act.Goitse received 1 vote* to save: Botswana.IK congratulating Tayo on getting to the finals.On Day 56, Ellah, Goitse, Sheilla and Trezagah were evicted.Alusa and Laveda had the lowest average percentages.Tayo 3 Which Big Brother Hotshots Housemate is the sexiest?Samantha received 1 vote to save: South Africa.Week 3 edit This week, the Extravaganza theme was called Pantomime.The housemates that received the most nominations were Alusa, Ellah, JJ, Laveda, M'am Bea, Nhlanhla and Permithias.

265, Samantha none Ellah, Goitse, Idris, JJ, Sheilla, Sipe, Tayo, Trezagah All Housemates Survived Eviction Macky 2 2 of 14 to save Arthur Butterphly Esther Goitse Idris M'am Bea Nhlanhla Permithias Sabina Sipe Tayo Trezagah 1 of 14 to save each Alusa Ellah Frankie.
Butterphly expressed how she felt like crying and how the house brought out the real her; even though it took her long to adjust.
Idris won 2014's Hotshots season after getting the most votes with 5 country votes.
The exes left on Day 49 Nomination history edit Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9 Idris Nominated Frankie, Permithias Permithias, JJ Macky 2, Sheilla Frankie, Trezagah.
Idris received 1 vote to save: Tanzania.AllAfrica is a voice of, by discounted legoland tickets florida and about Africa - aggregating, producing and distributing 900 news and information items daily from over 140 African news organizations and our own reporters to an African and global public.Macky 2 finished in 3rd place with 2 votes to win: Zambia and Rest of Africa.Head of House, Nhlanhla chose the following two teams: Team 1 was given the theme Candy Land.2017 AllAfrica, privacy, contact, allAfrica - All the Time.M'am Bea received 1 vote to save: Ghana.Week 7 edit This week, there were no nominations or evictions due to the Return of the exes twist Big Brother brought.Idris is already making his Press runs as the Big Brother Hotshots winner.