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You'll need to cancel your AutoRecharge and set it up again.
If I have insufficient funds on my credit card when my next AutoRecharge is due to be processed, what will happen?
I'm currently on My Prepaid Ultimate which has data rollover.
For your convenience we carry different denomination for most recharge vouchers.
Shopping cart IS empty.You'll only be able to choose from certain options related to your plan.Alternatively you can cancel your AutoRecharge online and set up a new AutoRecharge.Your payment details will only remain in the payment channel you entered them into.Why hasn't it worked?We'll send you a reminder 48 hours in advance via your chosen communications channel (email or SMS).For Mobile Broadband customers, you can cancel via one of your email notifications.What is AutoRecharge and why should I get it?In conjunction, the following applies as well.I've recently changed from My Prepaid Long Expiry to My Prepaid Ultimate.WE will email YOU THE voucher number instantly ON your email.When my next AutoRecharge took place, I noticed that it wiped my previous recharge.

No, even in the instance of a change of ownership, you'll still need to cancel your AutoRecharge.
If you're setting up an AutoRecharge online at /recharge, it only needs to occur at the same time if you have selected "Recharge with Credit Card or Debit Card".
I have come to the end of my recharge period and my AutoRecharge has not occurred.I just set up an AutoRecharge and selected email as my communication preference.How can I change the email address I receive notification to?Phone Cards have been added: Call Card, Middle East Link, Mcn Bangladesh, Friend, Freedom, 000 Bangla Ma, and Middle East Home.How to Recharge or Top Up Optus Mobile Online With Voucher.No, if you change plans, you need to update your AutoRecharge settings (which can be done in the My Optus app for Mobile customers otherwise you risk losing your credit.If I have an AutoRecharge set up, will my data roll over to my next recharge?I've now changed my AutoRecharge settings in the app, but don't get an SMS.