can a life insurance policy be contested

Life insurance beneficiary disputes can drag on and become costly.
The contestability of life insurance policies became an issue in the mid-19th century, says Stephen Rothschild, chair and executive committee member of the life Foundation, an industry group that educates consumers about life, health and disability insurance.
Insurance companies can still take action if fraud comes to light.Call us today, with our experience in financial planning and tax, we can give you the right advice to help you enforce your rights in this complex area, including possibly lodging a complaint in the Superannuation Complaints Tribunal.It would be harder for people to dispute changes in beneficiaries if the policyholder made it clear he knew what he was doing when he made them, Feldman says.Because challenging beneficiaries is does credit sweep work complex, it is best to prevent disputes before they start.There are some limited situations where a life insurance beneficiary can be disputed.For more information, contact our top life insurance lawyers now.Sometimes it is more financially sound for the two parties to work out an agreement and split the proceeds rather than fight a lengthy court battle over the life insurance beneficiaries and let the payout decrease because of legal fees.Can you dispute this?He lived at home.The contestability period is a separate issue from the suicide clause.

It's particularly important to have witnesses when you want to make what some might see as a controversial change, such as changing beneficiaries.
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Contesting life insurance beneficiary is not a big deal!
You and your children were not.By m Last updated: Aug.Policy owners make transfers like this to get a better return on investment.The decision will depend on the size of the claim and how blatant the misrepresentation was, Rothschild says.I would ask the funeral director if any way, to file a lein against his work policy.Carrier (at work) and tell them IF she is a beneficiary there will be a dispute!Partners or other family members who are left out may claim that the policyholder wasn't of sound mind when making the latest changes.If he is unmarried and no children, then his parent, and siblings would be the logical 'next in line' hertz discount code uk re: his estate."Make sure your professional advisers are made aware of why you made those decisions so when they're questioned, there's someone who understands the background, Feldman says.