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The program is interspersed with excerpts of news items from FOX and Rush Limbaugh that are being circulated via the Heartland Institute web site.
For a broadcast quality mp3 version of this 29 minute program click here Code A338CD To order a 45 minute CD click here.00 Code A338DVD To order a 45 minute film on DVD click here.00 ithaca community money A radio documentary on the.
CD click here Black History Special Fred Gray civil rights attorney FOR rosa parks AND martin luther king ONE self contained program 29 second Preview /Promo This is a rare recording of a man who remained in the background.
At the end of February 2015 the Australian physician and anti-nuclear campaigner,.The images of teachers, nurses and fire fighters occupying the State House, one on one conversations with participants in the protests - cosmo vouchers 2016 many of them Republicans who reject the extremism of the Tea Party, and the coverage of the recall campaign that collected almost.From what he calls the "three poisons" - coal, oil, and nuclear.Democracy - The Political Uses of Religion One selfcontained 29 minute program 30 second Preview/Promo Part ONE click here Michael Parenti says that democracy can't survive under religious rule whatever that religion may.Robert Fisk has lived in and reported on the Middle East since 1976.Broadcast quality audio recording made on July 12, 2009, of Ferlinghetti reading.

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Anderson is Professor of Energy and Climate Change at the University of Manchester.
He calls this the economic transformation for the remainder of our life time.
And that gain in power such as tax cuts, deregulation, subsidies for extraction of oil and minerals involves a loss of power, rights, environmental and workplace protection and wages for those who work for a living.
The BIS serves as a bank for central banks and is not accountable to any national government.Cienfuegos came to Willits, California, to present a short version of his two day workshop.He also answers basic questions about the interconnectedness of climate systems, the fallacy of global average temperatures, how living and teaching in Boston/at Harvard influenced his views on climate change and much more.He was recorded and filmed by TUC Radio at the Little Lake Grange in the small former logging town of Willits, CA, on November 15, 2015.In political science from Yale Parenti has taught at colleges and universities, in the United States and abroad.And he believed that it's time to remember that fight and assert sovereignty of the people over the corporate state and ask: Why should the many be governed by the few?" In the last 15 years he had been an important member of poclad, the.When the US government was looking for permanent storage for high level waste, which includes fuel rods, they were looking for a site that would remain safe for at least 100,000 years.When I told the waitress that I was going to order a desert after all because I had just received a check with a donation she said that she wished to live like I do, with so much trust in the kindness of strangers.He has reported from Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine and Israel since 1970.