chili cook off rules fun

Each person or couple had to bring their own garnishes, toppings, or anything that would help in their presentation.
Types of Chili, i have to say that all of the dishes were so good!
For die-hard chili lovers, the meaty, saucy, sometimes spicy meal-in-a-bowl is practically a lifestyle.You may need to spread the slow cookers out among several outlets, so you dont blow a fuse.This party was an absolute hit and I would do it again in a heartbeat!Some are serious cooking contests, others mainly an excuse to drink some beer; but no matter the kind of event, there are going to be some common requirements.Execution, our party was fairly small and intimate. .Have guests rate each chili on the ballot.

In our case, each person used two score sheets. .
Some are obvious: cooking tools, serving bowls and lots of fresh spoons for sampling.
Traditional chili served with sour cream and cheese.
Each score card has enough room to score five dishes. .
But for hosts who want to keep costs down or just keep it extra casual, it's simple enough to do it yourself.You could make a chili appetizer, chili dessert, a traditional pot of chili, or whatever you want. .Each entry should have a name.Make enough ballots so each guest has a ballot for each chili.Few foods boast the contests, cultural links, secret ingredients and prized ancestral recipes that surround chili, and there has recently sprung a twist in the traditional fan-base: It's not just for cowboys anymore.Chili Name Card was set up at each station as well and we all walked around and took our time tasting and scoring.Each person scored each dish but did not score their own.This would be considered for the presentation category. .What Should the Guests Bring?Have them clean daily online shopping deals in india their palate between tastings with a little water or soda cracker.