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Every now and then a costumer will find a finger in their lunch meat.
Figures were seen slowly walking deep in the santa enchanted forest discount coupons 2015 woods, wearing miners equipment.
A man jumping from the roof's smoke stack.Dorrance can be seen walking on one of the driveways.Peters Village -.Legend has it that an old settler, who had gambled away all of his money, came home one night and could not feed his dogs.She is contesting speeding ticket ohio supposed to appear in your rear view mirror.Middletown - Alfred's Victorian - The ghost of an old woman has been seen heard.A specter dressed in a strange costume with a feathered hat appeared from a small closet in the middle bedroom, danced across the room, bowed and then disappeared through another, closed, door.There have been numerous sightings.The spirits attempt to communicate with the living.It was also reported to by a local detective and confirmed by a former employee that a person killed himself in the store and another person died of natural causes inside the store.A small animal is said to have darted out of the woods, spooking the horses and causing the buggy to roll off the road and into the creek.

The house near the rectory was the first house built by two brothers.
A picture was taken in there and it came out with a 12 year old girl in 1930's era clothing sitting on the bed looking at the floor.
The school has a lot of history behind.
They wanted to get a book from him to undo the hex.
Their bodies were buried on the plot, unmarked, and later the school was built over their graves.September prime promo code december 2014 2005 Update: has been torn down made into a new parking lot for for the new Heinz Stadium.Students who live on the hall on either side of the rotunda say that at night they can hear a woman crying, footstep following them when they are alone, and cold spots, the eerie cold feelings - They are not evil feelings, but feelings.Delaware - Media - Williamson trade school - Longstreth Dorm - there is a hand print on the window, when wiped off it reappears.By an employee's account, a ghost hunter asked to spend the night alone there once.A man hung himself in the convent and the music teacher died in the convent also.Harmarville - 13 bends - There was an orphanage that burned down with all the kids still in it, and when you go up the hill all the bump you go over are the buried children.Employees reported him walking out toward the tavern area when the dinning and tavern area were closed and all the doors were locked.