chimney sweeping rods for sale

Great for clean up and small areas, our Hand Brushes come in a variety of sizes and materials for various jobs.
Brushes and accessories for the Viper System are also available.
Our nylon chimney rods have a 1/2" thread (Whitworth).
S walmart discount drug list just a case of cleaning sony employee discount tv your rods and storing them away until the next time you want them.Keeping going, adding additional rods as you get further up the chimney, until you reach the top.Chimneys require inspection and cleaning to ensure they don't catch fire and potentially burn down the house, possibly causing injury or worse to the occupants.S a good chance it will start a blaze the next time you light a fire.Do this all the way down until you reach the bottom, at the fireplace, unscrewing rods as you.It therefore makes sense to have your own set of chimney rods.All that's required is protective clothing for yourself and protective material around the area of the fireplace.This category features chimney brushes and the corresponding rod for both masonry and metal chimneys.Please note that these are UK manufactured, professional companion voucher rules quality products, designed for chimney sweeps and quality DIY use.Pellet Stove Brushes Rods, the Pellet Stove brushes and rods are easy to use and are made of quality nylon bristles.

Getting in a chimney cleaning service once or a couple of times a year could cost well over a hundred pounds or more, depending on how many chimneys need to be cleaned.
Chimney Rods, chimney rods come in a variety of sizes and materials, from plastic to bamboo, and are highly flexible to get the job done in the most awkward of places.
If your fireplace and chimney are big enough you can use a torch and peer up to inspect the walls.
Then just attach the chimney brush to one of many rods in your set?They won't cost you the Earth and you'll have them for years, easily being able to clean your own chimneys at a moment?It's going to leave a lot of residue all up along the chimney walls.Item This Item Ships free!It's extremely beneficial to have a set of chimney rods in the home if you have open fires that you use regularly, or even from time to time.This is soot and creosote, a tar-like substance that itself is flammable and poses a risk to the house.Our 'Homeowners' items are great for light duty chimney cleaning.Chimney Cleaning Systems, featured is our Viper Chimney Cleaning System which is ideal for cleaning medium to large sized chimneys.