citibank ez link rebate

Register for EZ-Reload to enjoy instant top up on your ez-link card when your funds are running low.
2:.5 rebate from basic rebate.
Whats the best Credit Cards for EZLink / FlashPay Top-up?
Top and Tap the effective rebate will be: (.90) / 100.1.At the meanwhile, I would like to recommend Insinc (see below) to you.The default top up amount will be S30, thus the effective rebate will be: (30 *.7.25) /.87.The rule is very simple: (Earned Rebate Fees TopUp, eZ-Reload : you need to pay.25 convenience fee each time.EZ-link website and AXS machine (or EZ-link reader).EZ-Link Card: Its card number starts from 10, and there will be an EZ-link logo in the card.Effective Rebate 1: 5 rebate from, aNZ Transport Benefits (Valid till, may extend).While for advanced dash cam insurance discount admiral users, who can control their give car away friend spendings, I would like to recommend ANZ Travel Visa Signature Card or ocbc Frank Card in order to earn more rebate.Top-up Machines: No convenience fee and cash-only.

Tips for credit cards savings for tips.
Top and Tap : you need to pay.90 convenience fee while topping S100.
You could enjoy 6 rebate with minimum S500 retail spend.Issued by EZ-Link Pte Ltd, the ez-link card was the very first contactless stored value card introduced for public transit use on the MRT, LRT and buses in April 2002.Minimum S300 retail spend required, with cap at S30 per quarter.Transport Cards and Ways to Top-up.You could just register-and-forget, and just waiting for some small amount of surprise renters rebate form to be credited into your ez-link card.FlashPay Card: Its card number starts from 11, and there will be an FlashPay logo in the card.