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Ages 2 and under get free huggies coupons by mail free admission to all Seven rebate law terms Peaks' locations.
Print the voucher and take it to Seven Peaks Fun Center Lehi.
What matters is the unique code printed on each voucher and anyone with the code can use.The name shown on your voucher does not matter at all.The Lehi location houses an assortment of waterless excursions, including mini golf, go-karts, amusement park rides, and more.With this option, the voucher is available for use immediately.There are instructions printed on your voucher that explain how you can submit the voucher online through Seven Peaks' website and get a digital pass made.FAQs, how will I receive my official Pass of All Passes?At Seven Peaks Waterpark Provo, the aquatically inclined can cascade down water slides, seesaw around the mammoth half-pipe tube ride, or ride the crests of the 400,000-gallon wave pool.

Why is my name on all the vouchers I bought?
In order to get an official pass, you need to submit the voucher you purchase from us to Seven Peaks.
Guests can scan the attractions at Seven Peaks Waterpark Salt Lake City, such as unique water slides and the Amazon River, then plummet off the Cliffhanger, a curvy slide that ends with a sudden 5-foot drop into a pool.
There may be a delay of up to 1 business day before you can use your code online.
There are two ways to do this:.Seven Peaks' multiple locales thrill guests with attractions ranging from water slides to go-karts and mini golf.How can I change this?Children ages 3 and up will need a Pass of All Passes.When you submit your code to Seven Peaks, they'll make your official passes with the correct name.At what age does my child need a pass?