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You may make copies of the forms if you need additional spaces for rebate submissions.
Select a calculation method from the drop-down menu (either Pct of Cost or Amt Per Unit then enter the amount or percentage in the field provided.
Energy Efficiency: Together, We All Save.To save the entry to the Rebate/Co-op definition, either click on the green checkmark in the top left corner of the screen or the Save icon next to the checkmark.We will describe these processes next.A screen similar to the one shown here will appear.General ledger entries are then generated during A/R invoicing.From BlythecoDev Wiki, jump to: navigation, search, synopsis, this enhancement package allows the user to program rebates and co-op amounts as a function of inventory management and general ledger journal entries.In the Vendor field, enter the name of the vendor or click on the Lookup (magnifying glass) icon to the right of the field to display a list of vendors.Reinstalling or Installing an Update.Mveas Co-op Cares Energy Efficiency Rebate Program.To apply the Rebate or Cost to an Item, click on the Apply to Vendor tab.Once the forms are downloaded, complete the fillable form, and submit it online via email with attachments of scanned receipt(s).Select the task named ebay 10 discount code 2017 "IM Setup Rebate/Co-op" then select.

For those members wishing to calculate their monthly energy usage and start their own energy efficiency program, mvea offers a home energy audit and library on the web site that has links to appliance use calculators, home energy audits and CFL cost savings estimators.
If requesting an additional rebate for a recycled refrigerator in conjunction with a new purchase, proof of recycle or haul-away must be included.
Select your MAS500 desktop, go to the Inventory Management Maintenance folder.To apply for energy efficiency rebates, simply complete and submit the forms for approved products in the product guide.To apply the Rebate or Cost to a Customer, click on the Apply to Customer tab.Figure 2, for the Rebate/Co-op Offset Account entry, you may key in any known account number or look up the number from a list of existing by accessing one of the links below: Commercial Energy Efficiency Rebate Requirements, if you are a commercial account wanting to submit a LED commercial lighting new lighting or retrofit please complete the.To create a new entry, type the name or title in the first field followed by a brief description of it in the field underneath.Only one association can exist on a customer line.Members are able to offset the cost of upgrading to more modern energy efficient models with appliance-specific rebates that include electric water heaters, central air conditioners, refrigerators, dishwashers and other appliances.Right click on the folder and select Create New Task.On the Main tab (Figure 2 be sure to keep the Cost Type set to Other.