contest promotion apps

Either way the fan has engaged with your Facebook page and simultaneously extended information about your brand to another social network.
While not an end in themselves, contests offers can be part of a larger marketing strategy and a key piece of helping a business grow their social community.
But you need to choose the promotion type that fits best with your goals.
Impressed by their campaigns results and Wishponds keep it simple, stupid approach, I decided to have a play around with their app.They offer a 7-day, full featured free trial (you can keep building contests after 7 days, but you cant publish).Using apps like I have reviewed below, can help you capture more lead information like email address.For example, this contest by cosmetics company Trind highlights the the clean and professional design offered by Heyo.In addition to hosting the promotion on your timeline, you can also manage your contest through an app.Another option for closetmaid promo code 2015 a contest is to consider a two-stage process.That said, at 44/month its still an absolute steal when you consider the ROI that a tool like this can have on your mailing list growth and online engagement.Timeline Contest App Features, easily run weathertech floor mats aaa discount contests in the news feed on Facebook with the Timeline Contest App.Pros of using a Sweepstakes: Low barrier to entry (simple form completion works for a wide variety of industries.AgoraPulse, admittedly, I had never heard of AgoraPulse until I began researching this post.

While the front-end (what you see on their website) is very slick, the backend feels half-done.
If you want to give Wishpond a try, they offer a 14-day free trial here.
Fans should be able to arrive, understand, and complete in short order.This social sharing by entrants to their friends both (1) increases the contest's reach and (2) functions as a positive referral mechanism.Certain promotion types work better for certain goals and certain industries.You can easily create apps, engage manage, qualify, and measure your results.Their reporting seems to be focused around answering two of the most important questions that marketers need to ask; what is/isnt all terrain cycles promo code working, and whats profitable?Unlike Wishpond, Shortstacks pricing is based on a (somewhat confusing) combination of features and audience size.Thus, pursuing more fans and deeper engagement with existing fans is a valuable priority!