contested divorce forms

You may want to consult with a local attorney or check your local courthouse website promo code for lowes 10 off for the specific requirements.
It is possible if both parties are in agreement about everything and the divorce is actually a very amicable process.
Our immediate, overriding goal is to put you in a position to decide what is best for you and your family so that you can remain fully in charge of your own life.
A contested divorce is a divorce proceeding where the parties are not in agreement on all of the issues.A contested divorce can happen in two circumstances.First, many couples cannot agree on a fair distribution of assets, property, debt and custody.One area of common confusion is the distinction between a contested divorce and an uncontested divorce.As a result spousal support becomes a contentious issue.Divorceespecially ones that are contestedare complex.We want your journey through the divorce litigation process to be as worry-free as possible.We handle all complaints and petitions, child custody affidavits, restraining and protective orders, and discoveries of marital assets.We arm you with as much information as you need to participate in the decision-making process.In addition to feelings of alienation, they also feel that they have alienated one parent.We insist on being available to you by giving you updates on every development in your case and addressing any questions, issues, or concerns you might have.This change is not always clear or recognized immediately.

Our family law attorney's past contested divorce clients will tell you this: We approach your specific, unique situation with the utmost sensitivity to your lifestyle, thorough preparation, open lines of communication and sympathy for the strain that's been put on your family budget.
An uncontested divorce is rare.
They have to be willing to compromise in order to resolve all of their divorce issues.The couple may be unable to take any action in regards to selling the house, until the divorce proceedings are finished.In addition to assets being tied up, couples often incur large legal bills.For example, a marital home may be left in limbo even though neither spouse wishes to reside there.In the end everyone has to agree to the terms of the divorce.In some situations, one spouse is found to be more financially secure than the other.In the other case, only one spouse wishes to get divorced.After trial is over, the court will issue a final order memorializing all of the judges decisions, and finalize the divorce.Child custody, debt payments, it is not uncommon for parties to disagree on at least one issue.