continuous sweep mini quartz clock movement

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Other features include an optional night time silence, volume control, 8 MM (5/16) shaft diameter, optional speaker bracket, brass mounting hardware with open end nut and your choice of hour minute coupon code for lids 2015 hands (check index for location).
The model has a built in microphone and a 1/8" jack if you would like to use a higher quality microphone for your recording, or patch into another device The connecting wires are 12" long.High Torque Mini Quartz Clock Movement - "AA" Cell.American Made-Quartz Pendulum Clock Movement.Brass mounting hardware with open end nut (if you do not plan to use second hands, order closed end nuts).High Torque Clock Movement (Silent Sweep ) Extended Shaft w/14.Made in USA, our compact AA battery powered miniquartz clock motor model was designed specifically for use with todays new larger clocks.Most people purchase to short of a movement.

Selection of hands must be made at time of movement purchase.
The full melody is played on the hour plus the hour count.
Requires one C battery.The size is not the size of threaded part.Recordable Chime Clock Movement, we permanently programmed an hour only Westminster and Whittington chime with hour count, then gave it a remote 2" speaker for good sound quality, and an increased the volume level so that this is now the loudest chime movement we have.All pendulums consist of a 16" adjustable pendulum with your choice of 3 pendulum bob sizes.This quartz movement is manufactured in Germany by Hermle, one of the worlds leading manufacturers of both mechanical and battery operated movements and is known to have the finest sound of any battery powered movement available.Compact Size - The motor is approximately 2-1/8x 2-1/8 x 1/2.Battery Life - The motor runs approximately two years on a fresh AA battery, not included.The speaker may be attached to the back of the movement or positioned inside your case with the included speaker bracket to effect the best tone.