cq wpx contest rules

The current version-number.0.
Participation is limited to members operating within a local geographical area.
IT IS very important that THE callsign YOU used IN THE contest (THE take me out uk stream ONE IN your LOG) appears IN THE subject line OF THE E-mail.The only way to change your log entry once the robot has accepted it is for you to submit another log.If you are entering an all band category, use ALL, otherwise select one of the individual bands shown.The club must be a local group and stubhub coupon codes 2015 not a national organization.

All breaks must be clearly marked (not required for cabrillo logs).
Example: sweepstakes to win gift cards PA/N8BJQ would become PAØ.
Please name your files with your call and the file type.
Trophies, Plaques, and Donors: SSB Single Operator, All Band world Stanley Cohen, WD8QDQ USA Atilano de Oms, PY5EG europe Jim Hoffman, N5FA south america Ron Moorefield, W8ILC oceania Phillip Fraizer, K6ZM Memorial africa Peter Sprengel, PY5CC japan The DX Family Foundation world Low Power Caribbean.
Please do not mail printed copies of cabrillo logs, as these are of no use to anyone.If you did not answer all of the questions correctly when you set up the contest in the logging program or have changed your mind about your category, or the operator list has changed and you do not correct these items, the wrong information will.(This field is optional).You may make your own forms as long as all required information is present.The format for each entry is label: followed by a space.A station may be worked once on each band for QSO point credit.