definition of hotly contested

Generally gets used in fanfiction when the story revolves around this character to the detriment of the canon in which it is set.
In this sense, Mary Sue isn't so much a trope as it is a brand name, with the usage being determined by both writer and reader.
2017 Throughout its five league contests, FAU has averaged 55 points per game.
Mary Sue as Character Type Sort of a merge of elements between Yamato Nadeshiko, Mysterious nike canada online store promo code Waif, Magical Girlfriend, Friend to All Living Things, and/or Too Good for This Sinful Earth, usually with an emphasis on feminine perfection.
Mary Sue as Author Avatar Simple as that.Both candidates have agreed to another debate before this hotly contested election.Examples of contest in a Sentence Contest winners receive a cash prize.When they only have one or two they have a chance at redemption.Its original meaning mostly held that it was.Please tell us where you read or heard it (including the", if possible).See also Possession Sue (when an existing canon character is derailed towards this) and Copy Cat Sue (when a character is a blatant copy of a canon character).Originally written as a parody of the standard.

Purity Sue Love me!
Being So Beautiful, It's A Curse and other Cursed with Awesome details flaws by proxy (e.g.
Contestable play kn-te-st-bl adjective contester noun, examples of contest in a Sentence, she plans to contest a seat in Congress next year.Often, the characters would get in a relationship with either Kirk or Spock, turn out to have a familial bond with a crew member,.Tends to have a Dark and Troubled Past to emphasize specialness.Alternatively, something might just be referred to as (insert biggest trait here)-Sue, but that doesn't allow for a whole lot of elements to be tacked.Villain Sue I have you now, my beautiful slaves!This viewpoint posits that Mary Sue is a character that involves changing the dynamic of a work and shifting the focus away from the established characters and styles.This might sound less subjective than many of the other definitions, but in practice it's at least as bad very few characters are truly infallible, because initial failures are such an obvious way to create drama and make the eventual victory that much sweeter.