did obama get a second nobel peace prize

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The people who decide on presenting the award are elected legislators in Norway.
I personally think he was awarded it, so war would not be declared on any other countries such as Iran or North Korea.
If you look at the timeline, they made their preliminary decision within a week of his lancome coupon code june 2015 inauguration-and what could Barack Obama have done within that week?Think outside the box please and do not be afraid to learn things for yourself instead of just being fed lies from your favorite biased media station.Even though a lot of people seem to be puzzled about him winning this, it wasn't like some bunch of?Good old boys?The Norwegian Nobel mary kay giveaway Committee recognized the president for his work to strengthen international.Sima Samar, a women's rights activist in Afghanistan, who kept schools and hospitals open under the Taliban despite threats to her life.Barack Obama deserved the 2009 Nobel Prize award for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.So why did the Nobel Prize committee take such a decision?Whether Obama earns a Peace Prize is yet to be seen; as President, he has that opportunity to do so within his term.It would make Obama look really bad if he received the Nobel peace prize and declared war.

Just because you guys out there are jealous of him, doesn't mean you have to turn your anger out on him!
Yes chemical weapons may have been used but they can't even confirm it's the dictator, Assad who did.
Another joke political decision.Its surprising what people will do, and we dont know all the machinations that go on behind their decisions.Barack Obama had been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for nothing more than having been in office less than 2 weeks.Home barack Obama why did Barack Obama win the Nobel Peace Prize?President Obama is working toward that end, but so far has accomplished nothing.Report Post, because he earned.President Barack Obama.(Reuters / Mike Theiler) / Reuters.I think the united states has become to politically correct, and it is destroying our country.Thank you for helping to improve wisegeek!Random Rivalry, start Rivalry "Disagreeing has never been so much fun!".