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Andrew started showing his love for music since he was 6 years old.
The original show on London's West End, featured Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman in the lead roles, but the Broadway production has transended big celebritie name in favor of an ensemble cast that lifts the production to incredbile heights.
When he comes across the young soprano Christie he falls in love with her but in comes a handsome suitor and the story takes another turn.He was born in 1868 in Paris.The theatrical version was first created by composer Andrew Lloyd Webber.The song Learn to Be Lonely also received much acclaim and is an important part of the stage production as well as the movie.

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Theatre Name: Majestic Theatre 247 West 44th Street, new York, NY 10019, click Here For More Info On The Theatre.
Phantom of the Opera Tickets are available for the show's extended run at the Majestic Theatre, where it enjoys being the longest running show on Broadway.
The score to "The Phantom of the Opera" Broadway production includes such memorable numbers as "The Music of the Night "Masquerade" and "All I Ask of You." Written by Andrew Lloyd Webber, the score to Broadway's "The Phantom of the Opera" may be the most.
The timeless story of the.Just like the book and the movies, the musicals have received rave reviews wherever it has been enacted, for its brilliant plot that sustains the interest till the very end.You can also use our advanced search option to carry out a more focused search.When the childhood friend of Christine, Raoul hears her voice, he returns to her with a claim of love and promise to take her away from Eric.You can only buy Phantom Of The Opera Tickets through credit card.Christine thinks that its the voice of the angel of music sent by her father.