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On 15 September 2011, an HD version launched on Sky.
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Disney Junior edit Main article: Disney Junior (UK Ireland) Disney Junior (formerly known as Playhouse Disney) is a pre-school kids channel.Spiral A yellow and blue spiral appears on a green background, and the spiral transforms into two yellow circles and a blue one, forming the logo on a pink spiral background.Train Two angels are flying to the Christmas tree.Studio Disney ran on weekdays, usually from 16:00 to 19:00, in direct competition with similar services offered by cbbc, citv and Nickelodeon.It was featured in much of the promotional material surrounding the launch of Sky Television and the Astra satellite.

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Computer Mouse The logo is formed from two @ symbols and a computer mouse.
The interactive service also includes links to a small selection of games.Picnic Yellow plates and utensils arrange on a picnic blanket, and an apple falls over the plates and another i want to give my dog away to a farm apple falls over the first apple and a plate, forming the logo.Pumpkins Two pumpkins ride a roller coaster, then they bounce to another pumpkin in the end.Chess All the chess pieces on a chess board battle each other, until two black hot deals voucher codes pawns and a white king form the logo.A one-hour timeshift of Disney Channel also launched on the same day.Sky platform on the first Disney Channel in Europe and outside the United States.Playhouse Disney (now known as Disney Junior) and the now-defunct 24-hour cartoon channel.The contest is closed.5 On, Disney Channel introduced a refreshed logo and new bumpers and promo layouts.Learn more about these terrific toys!