dwight howard dunk contest video

Still, it doesn't hold much of a candle to his slam that beat the more computers voucher code Monstars.
More: Let's make every dunk contest as good as 2016's.
In 2009, Howard took advantage of the "getting props approved" rule, bringing in a 12-foot rim, Superman cape and phonebooth for him to change from Clark Kent to the Man of Steel.
WikiHow Contributor, that's called your backswing.Gerald Green (Celtics) Las Vegas 2006, nate Robinson (Knicks) Houston 2005, josh Smith (Hawks) Denver 2004, fred Jones (Pacers) Los Angeles 2003, jason Richardson (Warriors) Atlanta 2002 Jason Richardson (Warriors) Philadelphia 2001 Desmond Mason (Sonics) Washington,.C.CBS Sports points out, there are probably less than 10 NBA players at his height who can do this.When I hear the phrase "slam dunk it's Vince Carter dangling on the rim like it's his squaredance partner that immediately comes to mind.Big men, in fact, still exist.He was a bit taller than those guys at 6-1, but the space between his legs and the ground is a sight to behold.This is just an ultimate display of physical skill and creativty.Dee Brown's no-look dunk, 1991, spud Webb and Nate Robinson rightfully get credit as the best small-guy dunkers, but in terms of a defining dunk, give me Dee Brown's no-looker.7, reminds us just what they can.30) - Don't let today's small-ball surroundings of the NBA fool you.Way back before the All-Star event was filled with 11th men and no-name rookies, the most athletic stars in the NBA used to actually compete, and it was righteous.

It could be one of the most vital parts to an effective jump.
Talk about a high ceiling.
Vince Carter's arm-in-basket dunk, 2000, this is the dunk.
Whether called upon for high-percentage offense in the paint or for protection at the basket, these players are still a much-needed element for successful basketball.But this dunk has all the staples of what makes dunk contests great: creativity, props that actually make sense on a basketball court.e.And here at the, dunk HQ, there's no way that the bigs are going to get lost in the sauce of a guard-driven league when a big like Dwight Howard, charles ramsey interview remix dead giveaway who enters.If you have a weak backswing, you won't jump very high.As you just saw but still may not believe, the 6'3" freshman from the University of Texas can smack the top of the Vertec and make it look easy.There are plenty of things people can criticize Dwight Howard for, but creativity isn't one of them.