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Original/ Classic/ Pre-reformulated/ Vintage fragrances.
Then, for a few days I attributed the differences in southwest promo code vegas 2016 smell to aging of the perfume from 2005, but this felt unsettling since Id become fairly good in recognizing aged notes.
The reason I mention this, is that Guerlain has reformulated some of their fragrances again in the course of in an attempt to restore them as close to the original versions - Mitsouko for example, and in some cases the second reformulation smells better than.
The list of notes was available on the side of the box.My conclusion: this is another reformulation.The day that I made my final conclusion was a sad day, the perfume had lost the magic that once made it a 10/10.The first reformulated version: January 2012 - March 2013.Singh, note - July 23rd 2014: I forgot to report when I exactly started to suspect that this fragrance had been reformulated.

Sadly, such one-man shops are close to extinction, since their prices are often (much) higher.
The batch code at the bottom of the box can also be found underneath the bottle.
The fridge is very reliable, a temperature fluctuation of less than one degree, and it further has specific air humidity control, no internal lamps etc.
I personally have no doubt about a 2011 reformulation, but one should always be cautious when making a public statement without having hard evidence.
The star anise and elemi were less present, the cocoa smelled airy and only a hint of the intertwined spiciness could still be detected.These arent batch differences but indicate a reformulation.Most testers were/seemed perfectly in balance, but I also encountered a few bottles in which the perfume notes had shifted to a lesser popsicle eating contest or greater degree, or the overall smell had become dim.In the end I kept both 2005 bottles and sold the others to befriended collectors for the purchase price (Im sorry, I won't sell my last two vintage* bottles).The original version: 2005 - July 2011.Also noteworthy: Ive found just one person on the Internet, an esteemed blogger from Italy, who took the time to smell different batches made between 2005 and October 2013.