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Check out our knowledge base article titled How do I share my Facebook giveaway on my wall?
Rafflecopter comes with a default page tab image when you connect your giveaway to the outnet promotional code 2015 Facebook, which can be found at the top of your Facebook timeline under your cover photo.
With each wall post, Facebook gives you the ability to add some extra oomph.
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Though you can have the same widget running on different pages using the more the merrier link from your embed page, you can only have one page tab per Facebook page at a time.Step 2: Customize Your Giveaways Appearance.Both the background image and the banner image are hosted on our blog.Youll notice there are more page tabs on the desktop browser. .

But know this: most of your traffic will not come from this page tab image.
These arent hard rules, but a place to start.
If you happen to be visiting from a mobile device, youll be forwarded to an iframe page that loads inside the Facebook mobile app, allowing your entrants to proceed without complication.Step 5: Wrapping nordstrom makeup coupon code 2014 Up So your giveaway is over and youve selected a winner.Now you want to take it to the next level.Canvas and page tab pages on Facebook arent able to be accessed from the official Facebook app on mobile devices.Give you fans some time to see who won: wait a few days after announcing honda discounts 2015 the winner(s) of the giveaway before you uninstall your page tab.We recently released a feature (available on all pricing plans ) that will allow your fans to access your giveaways on their mobile devices.This next section will help you get the most out of these traffic sources.Be sure to contact the winner through email.First, start with a blank slate. .