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Here is the jellyfish I made.
Code : T001 (closed) Title : Mobile Healthcare Sensor System Synopsis : Sensors contained in mobile phones are ubiquitous and provide convenience for many.
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Sign up before t: m/rsiproject2016 Code : B001 Title : Taxonomy and conservation Field Identification of dipterocarps Synopsis : We need to be able to identify primary forest trees such as dipterocarps to better manage and conserve our nature reserves. .So we bee-lined up the stairs to quench our thirsts.Lim: A/P Lims scientific background includes Zoology and Life Sciences, and his current research focuses on cell death mechanism involved in Parkinsons disease and Acute Myeloid Leukaemia.In the second part of the workshop, everyone got to sew their very own little sea creature.There are projects from many different disciplines so do take your time sc edison refrigerator rebate to look through all of them.Principal Investigator: Dr Abigayle Ng (RSI) Dr Tse-Lynn Loh (Shedd Aquarium) Pre-requisites : a) Interest in biodiversity; b) able to take initiative and work independently; c) have good social skills.Remarks: Selection will be on individuals attributes.e.The past President of the Singapore Institute of Biology, A/P Lim currently co-chairs the 2012 International Biology Olympiad Committee in Singapore.Principal Investigator : Dr Grace Lim (RSI Dr Abigayle Ng (RSI) Prof Li Yi (NUS, Dept of Materials Science and Engineering) Pre-requisites : a) A strong interest in materials science; b) strong in all 3 sciences and c) committed individuals who are able to take.

B) At least 1 free afternoon every week (2-3h, discounting travelling time to lab of about 1h) c) Strong passion in research Remarks: Selection will be on individuals attributes.e.
If you submit more than one application, only the latest submission will be considered.
The deadline for the first round of applications is 21st Feb 2016.
Other assays such as invasion and migration assays and interrogation of the transcriptome using qPCR may also be carried out.
This project explores the use of alternative natural materials in the production of low-cost AC that can be applied to rain gardens.You may also choose to self-propose your own projects (eg.Anglonip global if I didnt stay at the Marina Bay Sands, it would have been.From the dark wood furniture, to the old-style fans on the ceiling, to the uniformed bar tenders and as you walk across to the odd crunch of left-over monkey nut shells sprewn across the floor, somehow you just feel right.Principal Investigator : Dr Tan Guoxian Pre-requisites: Experience with any programming skills such as Adruino, C, Java, Python or Matlab is not compulsory, but an advantage.Students currently taking the two subjects or either one are highly preferred.Maybe a beer from here would sound good on a stressful day.Dr Grace Lim Dr Abigayle Ng Pre-requisites: a) Independent and committed to the project; b) strong interest in environmental sciences; c) creative and able to innovate.