ganondorf home run contest melee

This will give you the most hits out of the attack, and save you some time in the end.
Even his Aerial Spin Kick (Down A while in the air) will knock Sandbag off the platform on its last hit.
If everything was done video editing contests correctly, Sandbag should cta discounts for teachers have at least 85 damage before you use the bat.If youre fast enough, you should be able to get around 55 damage.If done correctly, Sandbag should have at least 85 damage before you use the bat.Melee, there is a wall approximately 50 feet to the left of the platform (off screen) that the sandbag can bounce off.Only B Moves are allowed, and the last attack to hit the sandbag must be a B move.

Ssbb Home Run Contest 99999.9.
Hitting with the end of the bat, known as a tipper, makes the sandbag go farther than a mid hit, which in turn goes farther than a close hit.
You can either perform your downward Smash Attack (Down A or your upward Smash Attack (Up A).
Ganondorf is tied with the Ice Climbers for the world record in the Home-Run Contest.Youll now need to perform a very short jump (lightly tap X or Y) and execute a Downward Kick (Down A while in the air).This is best to do with.The rest of the games fighters have more theoretical wiggle room when it comes to finding farther distances to hit the bag.You can also add on a variety of moves before you begin using the spin attack to dish out even more damage.After the second hit, roll left twice to get back on the left side of Sandbag.A mode created in ssbb, popular among Japanese players originally.