gift certificate laws in michigan

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Use gift cards as soon as you can, even if there online writing contest 2017 is no reason to suspect the merchant is having financial difficulties.
(ii) If a gift certificate is offered for sale by electronic, computer, or telephonic means, including a statement that "terms and conditions are applied to gift certificates or gift cards" before the prospective purchaser is able to purchase the gift certificate or conspicuously including that.
Also, starting November 1, 2008, a merchant cannot charge an inactivity or other service fee and deduct it from the value of the gift certificate. .
The banks that issue these cards are required to provide consumers who purchase and receive their cards with disclosures related to fees, charges, expiration dates, and other restrictions. .What should I look for when buying a gift card from a merchant?It is important to become familiar with these restrictions before you buy a gift card.Although purchasing gift cards from online auction sites may be easy and inexpensive, you may be purchasing stolen or counterfeit gift cards. .Most merchants will recognize the need to protect their business reputation, and will try to reach a compromise. Dormancy fees, inactivity fees, and service fees are prohibited unless (1) there has been no activity with respect to a certificate or card for the preceding 12 months, (2) disclosure requirements are met, (3) not more than one fee per month is charged, and.(To learn more about the new credit card act, see Nolo's article.

What can I do to make sure I am getting the best deal when I buy a gift card?
Consumer alert, bILL schuette, the Attorney General provides Consumer Alerts to inform the public of unfair, misleading, or deceptive business practices, and to provide information and guidance on other issues of concern. .
(ii) The envelope or packaging containing the gift certificate, if a toll-free telephone number to access the terms and conditions is printed on the gift certificate.
Some gift cards have pins on the back of the card that should only be revealed by the purchaser or recipient at the time they would like to use the gift card to make a purchase.Is there any way she can still redeem this?Question, i bought my mother a 75 gift certificate for a facial about a year ago, but just discovered she never used it!For example, a merchant can charge you a 1 gift card purchase fee at the time you buy a 25 gift card, but they can't deduct this fee from the value of the card (ie.Companies also cannot refuse gift cards during sales or closeouts.As mentioned above, gift cards or gift certificates purchased before August 22, 2010 and issued by financial institutions are not required to comply with most of the new gift card laws. .Some of the other exemptions are: debit cards; pre-paid calling cards; cards linked to health savings accounts; pre-paid discount cards; payroll cards; gift cards sold below face value or at a volume discount to an employee, non-profit, charitable organization, or educational institution "for fundraising purposes.The Credit Card Act: More Protection for Cardholders.The new Federal law provides: Gift cards may not expire less than 5 years after the date of purchase (already in effect in Michigan).That means that, under Michigan law, financial institutions that issue gift cards can put an expiration date on a gift card, and that gift card can expire in less than five years. .