give away the store meaning

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Give back, to return (something as to its owner; restore: You haven't given back the books you borrowed from.
Reveal or make something known, often unintentionally; also, betray or expose someone.Brave and Bold Horatio Alger I bought the five silk girdles, which I mean to give away, for three.To reveal or betray (esp in the phrases give the game or show away).It became yiven in Middle English, but changed to guttural "g" by influence of Old Norse gefa "to give Old Danish givæ.See more synonyms on m verb (used with object gave, given, giving.Exclusive: Former WikiLeaks Employee James Ball Describes Working With Julian Assange James Ball May 30, 2013 Converse had a contest this week to give away the pair of sneakers in the video to a lucky fan.

Give or take, plus or minus: three thousand people came, give or take a few hundred.
(mainly US Canadian) something given, esp with articles on sale, at little or no charge to increase sales, attract publicity, etc.
Avon Foundation and Avon walk! .
To relinquish or sacrifice: to give one's life for a cause.Saxon) "to give, bestow; allot, grant; commit, devote, entrust class V strong verb (past tense geaf, past participle giefen from Proto-Germanic *gebanan (cf.(also intransitive) to present or deliver voluntarily (something that is one's own) to the permanent possession of another or others.Breaking Bad Creator Vince Gilligan Spills on the Midseason Premieres Big Plot Twist Andrew Romano August 12, 2013 He was selling the material we were working to give away free, to responsible outlets.M Unabridged Based on the Random House Dictionary, Random House, Inc.To apply fully or freely: He gives his free time to golf.To make a gift or gifts; contribute: to give to the United Way.