google play generate promo code

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New codes : You can create 500 new promo codes every quarter.
Verify that on startup, the app calls getPurchases and correctly detects the purchase the user made with the promo code.
This site uses cookies to store your preferences for site-specific language and display options.The user enters the promo code in your app or in the Google Play Store app and receives the item at no cost.If you want to receive promo codes notifications by email sign-up using the form below (please double-check your email address to be sure it is correct Name, email.If they get a promo code, they should be able to redeem it by: going to m/store?The user installs and launches your app.Heres how you can create a Google Play Promotion.While developers previously had to build their own promotion systems to try to offer free apps or IAPs for users, the process has ancestry coupon code uk been streamlined and simplified now that Google has implemented it natively in the Developer Console.Promotions and, add new promotion, after which they'll have to agree to the terms and conditions.As a dev you can only share 500 promo codes per quarter, which means 1500 in total per year.

Here are just a few ideas on how devs can use promo codes to improve their app visibility: Editor rewards.
There are some technical do-s, but basically you must implement in-app promotions in your app and call a getpurchases function everytime it starts or resumes.
Your app should allow users to redeem promo codes inside the app itself.
Keep in mind promo codes can't be used for subscriptions or inactive in-app products.You can also keep an SKU off the Play Store, so that the only way to get that item is by entering that SKU's promo code.Test the following sequence: The user launches the app.That's all there is.To share with users, you can print the codes or send a deep link allowing users to redeem the codes via email or a notification within your app.Apple/iOS had that for years, where devs could share promo codes to offer discounts/apps for free, but Google dragged their feet over and over.How many promo codes can I create?Declaring the receiver in the manifest can cause the system to launch the app to handle the intent if the user makes a purchase while the app isn't running.Verify that the app has properly registered itself to receive the purchases_updated intent.Verify that on startup the app calls getPurchases and correctly detects the purchase the user made with the promo code.