govt rebate on solar panels

Fortunately, knowing a little about the Aussie do it yourself mentality, there are very good alternatives.
At paid online surveys uk 14 year olds the moment, the value of the rebate is around 33 per STC. .
Schools are no longer eligible for rebates under this program.
Well - the current legislation means that the solar rebate will start to reduce by one fifteenth every year from Jan 2017 until it drops to zero in 2032.We can not only suggest which type of system will help you gain the most benefits from these schemes, but also assist you with filling in and submitting all relevant forms.The worth of STCs has been hovering around 37 for quite some time, however is projected to go far lower, as solar cells become more common and affordable.What you really want to know, I'm guessing, is: a) How much can I get off the price of a solar system?The short answer is: If you want a 3kW system, then you can get approx 1,800 off the total cost of the system in subsidies (The 'rebate' is worth roughly 600 per kW, so 3kW x 600 1,800).

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The following information is a brief synopsis of the details of the plan.
However, if demand for solar panels goes up and the STC price drops.50 again, you'd only be able to claim a 'rebate' of under 1,000 for the exact same system.
Solar incentives in Australia come in two primary forms: An upfront discount on purchase of a solar power system through Small Technology Certificates (STCs) under Australias Renewable Energy Target.So no - there's no danger of the rebate being scrapped entirely for the forseeable future.They will vary by a few thousand either way depending on the brand of panels and inverters each supplier uses, and their overheads, but if these prices are way out of your expectations, then solar panels may not be for you right now.This may include multiple tariffs, a rebate on procedural maintenance, and possible deregulation of the energy market.Given the complexity surrounding creating and selling STCs, its common practice to assign the right to create the STCs to your solar installer, in exchange for an upfront discount off the full system price.I go over the exact mechanism (known as STC creation) further down the page, but in a nutshell, the subsidy system is designed to 'self regulate'.4) The special type of RECs that you get for a residential solar system are called "Small Scale Technology Certificates" (STCs).