ham radio contests october 2017

: Bruce, 3W3B.
Weather permitting, they will also try to operate from lighthouse arlhs ENG-070 on Longstone Island.
LA/DM3ZF LM LM2T75Y.2015 LU1ZD 1888.09.
Wayne was thrilled to receive my manuscript because it perfectly showed how this new-fangled "computer stuff" could actually improve the operation of "ham" equipment.The device then tracked the satellite for the duration of the pass (typically 15-20 minutes).Because I want to use the radio to its full capability while keeping it simple.For infos regarding QRGs see.The FCC had opened up the prefixes (there had only been "W" and "K" ham callsigns) and offered "N" for the first time.QSL 4W6LU via JA7LU (d 4W6DD via JA2VWG (d).The CQ Worldwide rtty DX Contest, nccc rtty Sprint Ladder, nccc Sprint, agcw VHF/UHF CW Contest, Texas QSO Party, UBA ON 6-Meter Contest and the Peanut Power QRP Sprint are all on tap for this upcoming weekend.I wrote up an article for 73 Magazine and they paid for.To provide my 12vdc power, I bought a Pyramid 30 amp 12vdc power supply from m for.99 (with free shipping). .

They predict increased geomagnetic activity on September 11-13 due to coronal mass ejections.
On September 10 Jon Jones, N0JK wrote, "An impressive sporadic-E opening appeared September 7, which later formed Es links to TEP on to South America September 8, UTC.
QRV only on 10m SSB.
So I cut a small 1 piece off a PVC pipe to glue around the switch, so that you had to reach inside the pipe to turn it on or off on purpose.
SN100LP 1882/95 -.11.Free to use for years and now available for purchase and technical 25 companies that will send you coupons for free support.Preparations have been supported by ZL2TAR/Doug and ZL2AMJ/Fred of nzart.Sad to report that my communications companion for the first attempt, Vern Chapin K3VC (RIP became a Silent Key in July 2009.Mostly quiet October 13-14, and quiet to unsettled October.