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He was a regular member of our 2 meter CBS Retirees Net and served as Net Control when I traveled on vacation.
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He went on the air, waving his arms frantically in hope someone in the newsroom would get the idea (the blinds were open that day managing to deliver a flawless newscast totally from memory.
Official CBS obituary : here - Don Swaim.Robert Vaughn, retired anchor, wcbs, 3/29/11.In a fit of occupational nostalgia, I was perusing Google and stumbled across this site.When he returned home to his condo at Wynnmore at Coconut Creek he complained his right arm hurt.judy womack (wcbs alum) 11/13/10.I've had the pleasure of singing jazz with Brian Madden former wcbs anchor a time or two in Oneonta.Indeed, a far cry from covering state budgets, trials and fires, but no complaints.24 0 arena_sawmill Team Fortress 2 t #67 SA Mario Kart 32 0 dm_mariokart2_b2v2 Team Fortress 2 t #75 NSW Surf Maps 24 0 surf_frictional Team Fortress 2 t Community TF2 CTF Malarkey tidbits!

# January 12, 2016 - NEW video: 'On You Depend the Fortunes of America' washington - As Congress embarks on a new legislative year, the Republican Study Committee has released a new video new video on the bold challenges ahead.
I still miss his humor.
We will continue to work with Chairman Bishop and House Leadership to amend the legislation so that it is consistent with the RSC's adopted position and conservative principles that are fair to all participants.He was also a member of the American Legion and a chaplain in the Knights of Columbus.I worked alongside Paul Ducroiset at wcbs Newsradio 880 for 22 years, from.3762, Restoring Americans' Healthcare Freedom Reconciliation Act of 2015: Today, the president had the chance to put politics aside and alleviate the crushing burden hardworking Americans are facing under Obamacare.Wants money, will do anything for. .Between the smell of damp sawdust and wet wool in the overheated boathouse, and the sight of their fresh cold blond hair spilling out of their kerchiefs and caps, I am ecstatic. .The Ordeal of Civility: Freud, Marx, Lévi-Strauss and the Jewish Struggle with Modernity, a book I would only recommend to the most serious scholars of The Jewish Question.