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Since its 1997 conception, the hgtv Dream Home Sweepstakes has since grown into one of America's biggest and unique gift certificates most popular giveaways.
But more to the point for most people, the taxes on a prize worth over a million dollars can be crushing.
They recruit friends and family to help set up a surprise announcement, and film the winners' reactions.By, sandra Grauschopf, updated December 18, 2017, what Is the hgtv Dream Home Giveaway?If you'd like to enter by mail, I'd suggest setting a budget first. .Rules can change from year to year, but here are some tips on how it usually works.Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr and, instagram.Usually, they sell the home to a private bidder.

A new privacy fence on the left side of the property and improved plantings are part of this updated front yard that now has a cohesive look that seamlessly blends the home into the natural surroundings of this idyllic Gig Harbor, Washington location.
Take Note: Even If You Win the Dream Home, You Probably Won't Live.
As amazing as it would be to be named the grand prize winner, it's not a secret that these homes often end up back on the market, as they are expensive to maintain and aren't always in a convenient location for the lucky homeowners.
According to, top Ten Real Estate Deals, the young family of four had never visited Vermont prior to winning and their jobs in Chicago prevented them from heading there often.For many people who dream of winning the hgtv Dream Home, finding out that you rtm giveaway 2017 probably won't be taking up residence in its luxurious halls is a disappointment.Vermont Teddy Bear company located here.You're allowed to enter the Dream House sweepstakes every day, and in some years you can rack up extra entries for activities like referring friends, entering through partner websites, and other methods.(PR pitches sent to this address will be ignored.).This amazing property has three bedrooms, spa-like bathrooms, soaring windows to take in the mountain views and an open floor plan perfect for entertaining.