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08.02 scope.02.1 This policy is applicable to all the units.K.minda Group applicable to Head above new joinees.
60.02.3 An employee who is working with in a unit where the bonus is not applicable, he may be entitled to have an ex-gratia payment equivalent to the amount declared at the previous unit from where he was transferred only in the first year.
25.03.14 The following daily allowance has been fixed for traveling in the adjoining towns / cities viz.
This will also help in building a strong second line.69.3.4 While rotating an employee, he / she will be extended all possible help to acclimatize himself with the new department / division and necessary training inputs with respect to various key aspects like commercial, technical, legal etc.46.16.3 No increment shall be given to those employees who have joined from 1st January of an appraisal year their review for increments will be done only in April next year.100/- per month, and there will be no change for staff deduction.Security should ensure that during this time they remain at their respective place of work/department.51.05 As per the Income Tax Rule, interest free loan exceeding.20000/- if given to an employee then it will be treated as perquisite and will be part of taxable salary of the employee.

10.04 short leave.04.1 Employees can go up to two hours for each occasion up to 2 times in a month any time during the day after getting due sanction from his immediate superior.
There is no time restriction for availing EL in a year, but it should not be less than 1 day for each duration/spell.
Where an employee fulfills the condition of 240 days (as mentioned above ) but has remained absent or on leave without pay, such an employee shall be deprived of Earned Leave on pro-rata basis, as per following table :-.
28.2 scope.2.1 This policy is applicable to all the employees.K.Minda Group.11.05.8 Any deviation to the above policy shall have to be approved by Level IX and above category of employees.Unit HRM can identify internal faculty and should plan the training identified by unit concerned.55.02 scope.02.1 This policy will be applicable to all Units.K.Minda Group.Lee currently trains all levels of riders at his.Upon such information HRM department should inform Accounts/ Stores to control imprest and material issued and also arrange Exit interview with the Corporate HRM as per the policy of he company.12.05.7 Operators going on leave, not having any leave to his / her credit should apply for LWP and get it approved otherwise such leave will be treated as absenteeism.1,00,000 3 Upto Level. .And he is having a service of only 8 months he will be given an increment of Rs 400/-.m.