how much money does bill gates make a second 2014

How much does he make in a day in 2017?
Sergey Brin: He made.3 billion promo code for draftkings free entry this year which works out to.9 million per apple teacher discount how much day,.12 million per hour; or 18,719 per minute.
AP Images, legendary investor Warren Buffett, who runs Berkshire Hathaway, made about 37 million each day this year, a new survey from Wealth-X shows.Tue, March 21, 2017, getty Images 1 of.Here's a rundown of how the ten biggest billionaire gainers made on an hourly and per minute rate: (Wealth-X made their calculations based on 345 days).An Oxfam report stated if billionaires like Gates continue to secure these returns, We could see the worlds first nrillionaire in 25 years.Lu Chee Woo: He brought.3 billion this year or 24 million per day; 1 million per hour; or 16,706 per minute.Bill, 61, sone of the best-known entrepreneur of the personal computer revolution.

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Mark Zuckerberg: The Facebook founder made.5 billion this year.4 million per day;.27 million per hour; or 21,135 per minute.
Masayoshi Son: He made.3 billion this year.86 billion per day;.24 million per hour; or 20,732 per minute.
The amounts gained per day are based on 345 days (from 1 January to 11 December, 2013).
Donald Trump net worth: How much is he sitting on?In number three spot on the list is American casino mogul Sheldon Adelson, who raked in US11.4 billion in 2013 from his gambling properties in Las Vegas, Macau and Singapore.Based on Bills estimated net worth, he is tipped to make more than 240 million (approximately 187 million) a day this year.He could just about afford to give everyone on Earth 10 at Christmas.Is Bill Gates planning on leaving any of his fortune to his family?Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos gazumped Gates when his net worth hit a staggering 69billion (90.6billion).Bill Gates: He earned.5 billion this year which works out to.3 million per day;.38 million per hour; or 23,148 per minute.Because the vast majority of Bezos' wealth is tied directly to Amazon's stock - his fortune can soar dramatically on certain days.Getty, bill Gates topped Forbes rich list in May this year.His knowledge with computers isnt the only thing thats made the Washington-born businessman so successful.