how to create a contest on facebook page for free

Even though the midamerican energy rebates 2015 illinois only prize is being named as the person with the best caption (or, as the Page puts is, well share your glory on Facebook these posts regularly get upward of 700 comments.
No matter how you phrase it, asking users to share your contest is not allowed.
If youve made it this far you can see that running a promotion on Facebook can be a complicated process, the main takeaway is that you can run it directly on your wall, inside a Facebook tab or via a 3rd party app shopping sherlock daily deals on your.I made this image in about 1 minute using Canva : To start the contest, I simply post this graphic to the page with the rules entry deadline.Stick to something specifically related to your product to qualify leads.Facebook does not want people tagged in photos or posts in which they do not appearit makes things confusing for everyone.This approach can also compel people to seek out information on your website.

Tabs are just a link in the sidebar now, which means users need to manually visit them to engage with promotions.
And at 5pm, I select a winner.
Only Business Pages can be used to run a contest.All you need to do is publish a post on your page.Facebook provides two specific examples of language that breaks this rule: share on your Timeline to enter and share on your friends Timeline to get additional entries.If your contest was a roaring success, youve got a clear model you can use to run another contest in the future.The screenshot above shows that by default AgoraPulse lets Facebook users Like or comment on the post to enter the contest.Were they easy to follow?