how to find out if tax refund will be offset

We will get necessary documents.
The length of the tax refund depends on the work processes of the foreign tax authorities in get free cigarette coupons in the mail the country where to get sunday paper coupons for free from which the taxes are refunded.
Write 'Repayment Claim' on the envelope to speed things.
We will send you the documents submission form via e-mail and we can discuss further procedure.One Simple StepTM, only RMS has the One Simple StepTM process with an easy form to fill out.You may follow the tax refund process using your online account which will be created for you.This applies whether it's just a branded T-shirt or you're a fully uniformed pilot, police officer or nurse.Relationship with the IRS, rMS has a long standing relationship with the IRS to help with efficient processing.It could take up to five weeks to process your claim.Usually, the procedure takes from 2 to 6 months.

The IRS announced that they will begin process 2016 Tax Returns in the middle of January, 2017, Find out the date here.
If, as part of its normal tax admin, hmrc sends you a P810 'Tax Review' form to check your tax code is correct you can also fill this in to claim tax relief.
Anything else worth knowing?Usually, the taxes can be refunded for the last 4-5 years.Once your claim has been received and processed by hmrc, you'll be sent a letter telling you how much you're entitled to, and details on when the money will be paid.If this is your first time claiming a tax allowance, or the amount you paid out was more than 1,000, then you'll need to fill in a form and make your claim either online or by post.Once we receive the necessary documents, we will start your tax refund.