how to install a shower door sweep

Doing so is not all difficult, and the tools that you will need are likely already laying around the house.
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Additional giveaways are planned.Every one of the sweeps in the link have some sort of vinyl (what you are calling "rubber piece.All of these mount on the bottom of the Door.Dear shawn: Most of the complaints I hear about leaking shower doors are that they leak from underneath the door (like yours).1, insert the top edge of the sweep in the slot at the bottom of the shower door.Hopefully, the floor is dry and you no longer have to worry about leaks!You can pick the right one for your door.I don't want to do that?, 02:27 PM rrtechno, location: In a happy place baby christening giveaways philippines 3,645 posts, read 6,102,186 times, reputation: 7011.3, trim any protruding edges of the sweep that extend beyond the width of the door with a utility knife.Often, the friction from opening and closing the door will cause the shower sweep to recede up into the drip edge, leaving a gap for water to splash through.

You should get the old one off first, either by sliding it out the edge of the door or by removing a couple of screws to get it out.
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Some types of drip edges have a groove that the sweep slides into.
If your drip edge is held in place with screws, this job is easy.This will help ensure that you get a new one that matches the size and height of the existing sweep.I will post the new detailed pictures today.Can we see pictures of the inside of the door?Smaller stores with helpful employees about questions and solutions., 09:48 AM 776 posts, read 3,626,372 times, reputation: 641, to clarify the rubber is coming out of the shower door bottom not the base of the shower room.Then tighten the screws.The sweep typically rubs against the bottom track of the shower.