ideas for egg drop project that work

When used with the accompanying activity sheet, it makes for an excellent exercise in round table pizza discount code scientific reasoning.
They are best used in the middle to later stages of the learning cycle.
the container will be dropped from a third floor balcony, onto hard concrete.
Any suggestions for how to go about this would be quite useful, the more detailed the better!Momentum, Impulse, and Momentum Change, controlling a Collision, visit the.One website said peanut butter was good for cushioning the egg, maybe using that for the innermost egg?I've heard that bubble wrap is actually very bad for this sort of assignment, but that the green foam used for arranging artificial flowers is very good.Marshmallow Launcher, air Bag Inflation and Passenger Safety.

The egg must survive the fall without cracking, but the container can break (if it breaks, it should break by design and ideally something "interesting" or "pretty" should result from the breakage).
Minds On Physics Internet Modules.
The compatibility with iPads, other tablets, and Chromebooks make it a perfect tool for use in a 1:1 classroom. .Hello all, I've been doing some research for an assignment I'm working on, due a week from now, and I was hoping that maybe I could get some advice here.The Laboratory section of The Physics Classroom website includes several hands-on ideas that complement this Interactive.Here are the criteria: - The egg must be raw, and will be provided by the professor (which means the container needs to be able to open, to insert the egg).Labwork: Simulations should always support (never supplant) hands-on learning.There are numerous resources at The Physics Classroom website that serve as very complementary supports for the Egg Drop Interactive. Visit.There are two related activities in the Reflection section of the Science Reasoning Center that will challenge students to employ close reading, data analysis, and logical reasoning.I'm an art student, and in my 2D/3D design class, we've been asked to design a container to do a typical egg-drop style assignment.Curriculum/Practice: Several Concept Development worksheets at the Curriculum Corner will be very useful in assisting students in cultivating their understanding, most notably.