kiss contest line

A: The judges (3 to 5 convention guests) award a score of 0 to 10 for each of 3 attributes for each contestant.
It is suggested you have pictures taken prior to your arrival backstage.
Journeyman: A contestant who has won at least one, but less than four, category awards at a WorldCon, CostumeCon, Dragon Con, or ICG-recognized competition.There is no pre-judging session.The volunteer will also check whether you have planned to use a CD for audio music or dialogue; if so, the CD will be massage gift certificate denver tested to verify that the track is acceptable; then it will be retained by the Dragon Con Masquerade volunteers and loaded.Q: The registration form asks me to categorize myself as "Novice "Journeyman "Master or "Child" - why?

The Director reserves the right to remove contestants who violate these time limits.
Note to contestants: hair contest winner describe the inspiration for your costume in your emcee announcement.
We award a "Best in Show" to the best non-Master entrant.
No whips may be used onstage.
The contestants with the highest scores are then checked for category.The Atlanta Fire Department will shut us down.Transportation of weapons to and from the Masquerade must follow the convention's weapon policy.The attributes are: Originality/Adaptation: Is this the most original concept the judges and audience have seen, or the best adaptation of a known concept?Your CD will be retained by our volunteers and loaded onto our equipment. .If an entrant has won "Best in Show" at a previous convention, he or she is considered a "Master" - then all the "Master" category entrants compete against each other for a "Best in Show - Master" Award.We will have volunteers to guide contestants up the ramp; the director will be at the end of the ramp to help you on stage.