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By May 1956, kdka's studios had relocated from the Grant Building to 1 Gateway Center, joining kdka-TV.
"The Day the Music Died", Radio and Records, April 17, 1992, page.51 1930s and '40s edit kdka microphone In 1932, as a result of antitrust proceedings, Westinghouse had to divest its 40 ownership stake of RCA and 20 ownership in NBC.The speculation was incorrect and the stations were not on the auction block."Screen, Radio Give Returns", Detroit News, November 3, 1920, pages 1-2.Also in 1979, kdka covered the Three Mile Island nuclear accident, first reported by Harrisburg newsman Mike Pintek."Ryan Writes Time Magazine NAB Reports, 1945, Volume 13, page 401.Through the June 1920 issue, non-government land station grants generally received three-letter K or W calls.(m) Chinoy, page 141.Radio Manufacturers of the 1920s: Vol.

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Profiles Green building materials, Insulation, Aluminum Frames Structures, Building Materials, best online deals on sports shoes Curtain walls, Engineering Design.Why Radiophone Broadcasting Should be Continued, Radio Service Supplement to the National Electragist, November 1922, pages 10-11.Retrieved 2 February 2017.In 1956 newsman Bill Steinbach began his 36-year career at the station within 10 years he was the anchor of the award-winning 90-to-6 news program.A telephoned temporary authorization was received to operate under the call sign of 8ZZ.