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In the meantime, its a bit like the old days of Ceefax: I have to keep a load of numbers in my head to watch the big channels.
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If not, then they should reshuffle their deck.Balance isnt much of an issue when Im choosing a book that may take 4-5 hours to read or an essay that may take 5-10 hours to write.In a Freeview world, should I chose to watch one of the biggest channels: BBC1, BBC2, ITV, C4 or C5 I can do one of two things: I can go to channels 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 for SD video.This leads to the oddity that in Sky HD homes, ITV2, 3, and 4 are much more obvious in HD than the main channel.Indeed, I stopped doing individual html essays because there didnt seem to be much demand for them (and it was clear nobody found them worthwhile enough to pay for) and they were never interesting or fun to dowhile the single-column version of C I has.And incidentally, if HD satellite capacity is expensive, how on earth is this going to work with 4K?Its a shame that theres not a technically smarter solution perhaps having a flag on the HD channel that points to SD programming at certain points to show the right programming.May 2014 (The So-Called Sting 4,126 downloads, a high figure.This suggests that people are a lot less interested in what I think than in what Ive found out through research.