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Medill to Lincoln, August 27, 1858.
Careers and reputations are being ruined over minor or unsubstantiated claims of misconduct.
Chicago (IL) shopping sherlock daily deals Times, October 17, 1858 Chicago (IL) Press and Tribune, October 18, 1858 New York Evening Post, October 20, 1858 Davis to Lincoln, September 25, 1858 Recollection by Edmond Beall Recollection by Gustave Koerner Recollection by Jeriah Bonham The documents in this collection illustrate.
More Videos, listen to the New Yorker Radio Hour.Chicago (IL) Press and Tribune, September 21, 1858 Chicago (IL) Times, September 21, 1858 Wright to Lincoln, October 11, 1858 Recollection by Henry Clay Whitney Recollection by Lew Wallace This collection contains two newspaper accounts, one an editorial that requested organizers provide adequate accommodations for.9, given problems with health care, a tax debate and the threat of nuclear confrontation, this topic is getting far too much attention.Chicago (IL) Times, August 22, 1858.Also included are retrospective memories from lawyer Henry Whitney in 1892 and Indiana state senator Lew Wallace in 1906.Contrary to popular myth, Lincoln was not at all depressed by the results, as the letters in this collection clearly indicate.Chicago (IL) Press and Tribune, September 17, 1858 Chicago (IL) Times, September 17, 1858 Lincoln to Sweet, September 16, 1858 Lincoln to Washburne, September 16, 1858 Recollection by Horace White This collection provides reports from two Chicago newspapers, the Republican Tribune and Democratic Times, and.Lincoln to Judd, October 20, 1858.Tribune, Lincolns correspondence with Joseph Cunningham, editor of the Republican Urbana (IL).

Magic, this collection offers two accounts from Douglas supporting newspapers, both unflattering about Lincolns performance at Freeport, and two letters of advice and encouragement from his advisor Joseph Medill and his friend Lyman Trumbull following the debate.
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Trumbull to Lincoln, September 14, 1858.
A distillation of more than 162 years, 58,000 issues and billions of words drawn from The New York Timess archives and electronic database, the companys records and various histories of the paper and its people.
Philadelphia (PA) Press, November 4, 1858 New York Times, November 5, 1858 Chicago (IL) Press and Tribune, November 10, 1858 White to Lincoln, November 5, 1858 Davis to Lincoln, November 7, 1858 Lincoln to Judd, November 15, 1858 Lincoln to Judd, November 16, 1858 Lincoln.Recollection by Henry Villard, recollection by John.Chicago (IL) Press and Tribune, September 20, 1858.Research Engine, the 1858 campaign uber promo code not first ride was really a contest for control of the state legislature not a direct battle for the US senate seat and it involved a feud between fellow Democrats Stephen Douglas and President James Buchanan as much as the debates with Republicans.Wentworth to Lincoln, April 19, 1858.