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Since Carlton didn't have a Teapot in this pattern, this Teapot has almost the exact same pattern wheel of fortune secret santa sweepstakes 2014 and finishes off the set quite nicely.
A very cute plate!
The floral art work is quite detailed and the green accents bring to life this fine set.50.00 shipping, ikea giveaway fishers sOLD, west Germany's Kaiser, Fairytale 6 Plate Collection.Enjoy now as you peruse our selection of great-looking bills. .Notes printed with both sides in color include the "Bushington" Zillion Dollar Bill, the "McBush" 700 Billion Bailout Bill, the "Barack Obama" Presidential Commemorative Bills, the "40th Anniversary of Apollo 11" bills, the Marie Byrd Land bills, and the military fest and obsolete bills produced.

They are both in excellent condition.
This gorgeous pair measure 2 1/2" in height, the cup is 4 7/8" in diameter from brim to tip of handle, and the saucer is 5 3/4" in diameter.
Reed, Exchequer, seal of the Exchequer of Marie Byrd Land at left covered by transparent hologram, similar to previous issue FAN045 series except for seal type, minor design changes, different refundability clause, and different photograph on back, showing one penguin in the snow, issued note.
One of many features of BrailleBlaster is the Special Symbols Finder, which scans the entire transcription, identifies all special symbols, and inserts them appropriately into each volume.Reed, Exchequer, seal of the Exchequer of Marie Byrd Land at left covered by transparent hologram, issued note (serial number MBL 000001 to MBL 000011) - sold only as part of a six piece set of three different denominations, regular and specimen versions (see special.In some instances, information on the quantity of sheets or notes produced is shown after the price in for sheets and for notes. .Arline Reed Note" FAN031s Newfoundland - sheet of 3 fantasy Maritime Bank 1,000,000 specimens -.00 FAN031n Newfoundland - single note of above Maritime Bank 1,000,000 -.00 FAN031p1 Newfoundland - single white proof note, artist signed and numbered -.00 FAN031p2 Newfoundland - single. They are number 1) The Puzzlement, and number 4) We Kiss in the Shadow. All plates are in excellent condition, except for the Thanksgiving plate, which has a small chip and a crack on the top.We actually have three of these plates in stock and they are all in good condition, and the price"d below is for one of them. These plates are in excellent condition, and come in their original boxes, with their certificates of authenticity. They are fine pieces of art and would make a great addition to any plate collection.