obama giving away free cars

That means the program could provide a service, like a bus ride to a work site, but it cannot provide a car, scooter, motorcycle, or pair of rollerblades.
PolitiFact, the fact-checking project of the.
The White House-sponsored program was dubbed Obama Car.
The website claims part of that bill includes a new stimulus program which would provide.5 billion to help provide jobs for low-income workers between the ages of 16 my tyres discount code 2015 and.We only use invented names in all our stories, except in cases when public figures are being satirized.Earnest claimed that the campaign is designed to help unemployed Americans find work.According to reports the bill passed in a narrow vote.

The provision that outlines how the money can be legally used for providing supportive services like transportation, the aide said, could easily be interpreted to mean the money could be spent buying or leasing or renting vehicles for the beneficiaries.
Not even rollerblades, man.
This web article from American News is based on a fictitious story, notwithstanding its 83,000 Facebook likes so far.To be clear, the Obama car is a hoax but the way the story was written it could almost be considered real.It came from a website that creates satirical news stories.The so-called Obama car program has been going viral all over social media lately, and the story claimed the Obama car would take Cash For Clunkers to the next level and work similar to the Obama phone by giving welfare recipients access to free cars.There is no proof to support the idea that the program would include free car, motorcycle or scooter giveaways.There was no such bill proposed by the Obama administration, and Congress did not pass any such measure.15 under new legislation proposed by President Barack Obama.Needless to say, this plan to redistribute the wealth in order to buy Hayabusas for poor kids got the Breitbart commentariat good and riled.