obama kills dc voucher program

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Democrats, along with Republican senators Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, also said DeVos lacked a basic understanding of education policies.Org: 25-year-old 'test program' shields federal contract data, by K Ward National Examiner: Government created the housing and financial crises - may do so again National Watchdog.Potpourri The Hill: Is Matt Drudge the second most influential man in America?Erler National Peter Thiel, on why he supports Donald Trump for President - Video (13:10) National Daily Beast: Muslim Reformer Smeared as 'Anti-Muslim Extremist', by Maajid Nawaz National WT: Obamacare is collapsing.National Frank Wolf's letter to Speaker Boehner urging Benghazi action Potpourri Snopes: How to Create a Social State - 8 levels of control; Saul Alinsky?Richardson National JWR: Histories that shouldn't be secret (incl 9/11, Bay-of-Pigs by George Will National NR: Willful Blindness and Our Saudi 'Friends', by Andrew.James Antle III National US Defense Watch: The Death of the.S.(Video 5:17) National Examiner: Paul Ryan releases new report criticizing the federal safety net State-PA PA Independent: PA Auditor General Warns of Pension Woe National Free Beacon: Pentagon Contractors Exploring Business with Iran National Free Beacon: End of American Military Dominance Potpourri BW: The Unlikely.DeVos was ridiculed in the sharply divided confirmation hearings when she argued teachers should be allowed to have guns in the classroom to ward off " pro e variable section sweep potential grizzlies but fierce opposition stemmed from eharmony gift card promo code fears that she would further dilute a limited pool of federal education.

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