parameter sweep in comsol

For instance, let's say I have a clamped beam with an applied load at the free end.
Currently, we are modelling a circuit with a spark gap, which presents some problems for.
Language Availability: English, chinese.Performing a Parametric Sweep Study in comsol Multiphysics.Hi everyone, I created a geometry whose dimensions are related to a few parameters which I have been defining under "Global Definitions Parameters".Warning, your internet explorer is in compatibility mode and vera bradley free shipping coupon codes may not be displaying the website correctly.For exemple: L 1,2,3,.1,0.2,0.3, is there the possibility to do so?

I'm using a 0D domain with some global equations defined, and I'd like to model the spark gap as a resistor with a very high resistance (108 Ohm except when the voltage across the resistor exceeds the breakdown voltage U_break - when that happens, I'd.
In this tutorial video, we will teach you how to implement a parametric sweep with the comsol software.
Is it possible to do anything similar in Comsol Multiphysics?I could just run the simulation without switching the resistance, find where the voltage exceeds U_break the first time closetmaid promo code 2015 and next time I run the simulation simply enter the switch points manually - but samsung promo code I'd like to do a parametric sweep over a variable that.In Matlab, you can have "event" functions, which cause something to happen whenever a condition is fulfilled (usually just terminating the integration, but you could do other stuff as well).In product development, it is often necessary to solve several variations of a model to find its design's optimal properties.The beam has a square section (side "A and its lenght is "L".