picture caption contest

The photographs should spotlight emotion, celebration, jubilation, dejection, and reaction among athletes and fans.
An online published story may be submitted only once.
Flagrant desaturation, over saturation, or production effects that artificially impose on how to give away a car in california the giving away money integrity of bath and body works coupon 10 off 30 the scene with excessive tonal aberrations, textures, vignetting, or other artistic manipulations will be disqualified.About 200 parents, students, and elected officials Wednesday night pleaded with the Boston School Committee to halt plans to change start times for dozens of elementary and K-8 schools.A single story topic may be submitted only once.The winners will be selected and notified directly by January 12, 2014, and will be announced on this page.The closing date for the contest is December 22, 2013 at 11:59 PM CST.23 - Print Newspaper Visual Editing A news, issue or feature story or essay based on daily coverage printed in a general circulation newspaper.Files: Do not attempt to upload original.mov, mp4, m4v,.swf files.The goal of my book is to help writers to use prompts to start new work.Projects must have been either shot, produced, or published during 2016.Your Name (first or full name) Your Location (e.g., City, State, Country) Submit Your Contribution Check box to agree to these submission guidelines.

Black white images should be bi-tonal and display a full grayscale range of 256 intensities from deep-shadow blacks to highlight whites.
Please respect the Spirit of the Competition.
Contestants also may enter Photographer of the Year category #27 or #28, with images or stories from their Sports portfolio.
(Note: Same story cannot be entered in more than one multiple-picture story category.) 12 - Newspaper Local Picture Story A multiple-picture news, issue or feature story that focuses on local and/or regional stories about subjects and people from the organization's primary geographic market.
Newspaper picture story category defined The "Newspaper Local Pictures Story" category #12 and Newspaper Photographer of the Year" category #28 are only open to photographers employed as staff members for a regularly published newspaper, either in print or online.Check them out here.Submit a maximum of 30 photographs.A majority of the photos must have been taken during 2017.All members of the production and editing team will be credited and recognized in the Winners List and Winners Gallery.Since 2010, I have been part THE verry soopy storry Not rated yet once upoime there waerson named?Four first-prize winners receive a 50 Amazon gift card.As long as the shipment is post marked on or before Jan.Twelve photographs maximum per story.