pin up girl contest 2016

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Put a small amount of hot glue on the tops of the small petal tabs, and press your center embellishment down into the flower's center.
Thin cardboard or card stock (a small piece for petal pattern pieces).Origin, the first recorded instance of the term on /a/ was on January 1st, 2009.Thursday, home decorators collection coupon code 2015 December :44 best rebates on suvs 2017 AM EST 16:44:09 GMT.Guardians of the Galaxy action figures can save it!

Your pattern should now show up on your card stock.
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Small petal - trace over the faces of the King, Queen, and Jack (3 petals).
Supplies: Pencil, my petal template (see attached file).I finally made my own pattern, and I'm quite happy with how it turned out!Copyright: All graphics, template and photos are copyrighted.Pom pom, button, or other round embellishment piece for the flower's center.Chainge Chain-Effect Turtleneck Scarf, its time for a cool chainge with this beautiful and such versatile scarf!Hold the pages down tightly so they can't move around.Glue the tabs of the last 2 cards in place.