pizza pizza contest

In this year's contest, Michael's Pizza won the first vote, but a secret late-night recount put Ralph's back on the throne.
A handful of local businesses contribute to the contest.
They also provided supplies and refrigeration.
The ease with which votes can be cast and tallied has soccer game giveaways made the contests simple to promote and produce, plus they generate tremendous site traffic for those Web companies and/or the magazines and newspapers behind them.
"When we see those awards hanging in their restaurants, and when we see 'Best of Louisville' in their ads, we know they're very end clothing discount code november 2015 pleased to win these Allar said.Our panel of judges, dedicated volunteers, friends, family and pizza-lovers all played a role in contributing to the success of the event.The first participants to solve the problems will become eligible for the grand prize, which.14 years of free pizza.Cooking Passion: Picnic Day Summer means joyful picnics right. With all these pizza shops to choose from, there's discounted airline tickets for senior citizens cound to be a handful that standout, and our Best Pizza on Long Island Contest names the best pies in five categories.And the previous winners were.He said it doesn't seem to matter to customers that."We perceive that the restaurant category (in the contest) is very competitive; they want to win.

That allowed Rittaco's Pizza to take the crown, which prompted owner George Rittaco to hang a "Nutley's.
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That led Ralph's to reenter in 2001, when it reclaimed the top spot but not without controversy.Special thanks to News 12, Cablevision and Raffle Prize Contributors.Keep up-to-date on the latest pizza news."By and large, our readers do a pretty good job of picking quality, upscale places Allar said.Long Islanders take pizza very seriously and everyone has an opinion as to who makes "The Best"."It has helped us quite a bit.So, next time you are hungry for pizza tell them m sent you!For full contest details, read the official rules.